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Why a Stop The War coin?

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We consider war to be one of the most horrible avoidable phenomenons that can happen on our planet. That is why we want to express our position that the crypto community opposes all wars. All wars should be stopped. New wars should be avoided at all cost, by all involved sides. No mater how deep the cultural/geopolitical reasons behind are. When you send a stop the war message, through our web/dapp, we try to reach a maximum number of influential persons, by spreading those messages. Over 100,000 community anti-war messages were already sent, over 150,000 people were reached. At the begining of our project we started using automated bots for spreading the antiwar messages. But that proved to be an ineffective aproach. For that reason we count on our community to spread the peace messages in a coordinated way, from our twitter account as a main host. We try to spread the anti war idea in the crypto space and eventually from the crypto space to other areas. Because our crypto is war related, a serious and sad subject, we do not pay for marketing adds or influencers. We try to grow our community naturally with our own means - some automated bots, peace posts on social medias, articles (only activities that require pure working time), and of course with the help of our supporters/token holders who share our idea in order to grow the peace community.

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Tokeneconomics: How many STW tokens they are?

They are 7.8 billion tokens, the same as the world population. 2.5 billion (32%) have been burned, as a symbol of what would happen if a nuclear war is started. Slippage level should be set to minimum(0.1%), they are 0% taxes for getting in and for getting out. The goal is to develop the project for very long term. Currently a small amount of tokens is put into a liquidity pool at the decentralized exchange pancakeSwap.

How to BUY (STW antiwar) token?

1) Buy STW antiwar tokens with credit card

2) Buy with BNB: STW ANTIWAR coin is listed on PancakeSwap Decentralized Exchange. Make sur you set the slippage level at minimum (0.1%) in order not to get front runned by pancake bots.

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Install Metamask

From The App Store or Google Play Store, for free. Or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome / Firefox by going to Follow their easy steps from their guide to set up a wallet. When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.

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Send BNB to Metamask

STW coin lives on the Binance Smart Chain, therefore you need BNB coins in order to buy the SWT tokens. You can buy BNB directly through Metamask or you can transfer some from another wallet or crypto exchange. You can follow tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck on this step.

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Connect to PancakeSwap and SWAP BNB for $STW

Go to and swap your BNB for $STW (you need to paste the STW coin bsc address) or simply use the buttons in the footer of our site (buy/sell on pancakeswap). Make the nessesary confirmations from metamask.

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Leave your message!

Once you purchased $STW Coins dont forget to leave your anti-war message from the manage section of this page.

$STW Token Binance Smart Chain Address:0x779a10E41011094b836e92adBe55bE521c6E7CBA

What can I do with the STOP THE WAR (STW) token?

1) Fight for world peace via participating in the twitter process spreading coordinated messages, including yours. 2) Hold the coin or speculate. 3) Store your anti-war message on the blockchain, so world leaders can see it as it is spread and hopefully react to people's antiwar presure. People around the world mostly want to enjoy life, rise their families and live in peace. It is not mandatory to own stw tokens in order to participate, but if you have at least 1 stw you can go to the SEND YOUR MESSAGE section of this web page. After connecting to your wallet under the manage section of this page, you will see a form where you can send a message that is going to be stored on the blockchain. This web page is going to retrieve periodically all messages and broadcast them here. Apart from the ability to send a message, the token has the standard BEP20 functions, like transfer to someone else. The coin per se is a smart contract based on the open zeppelin ERC20 token. It implements two additional functions, one for memorizing antiwar messages and another function to retrieve all stored messages from hodlers.

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Launch the STW token.

The idea is born. Creation of the stw coin and a web dapp. STW is a BEP 20 custom token programmed in solidity programming language under the umbrella of the BINANCE SMART CHAIN.


Start Spreading the Message

Start the build of a community. Show the world that the crypto community is strongly against all wars, no matter what the official reasons for those wars are. How? At the beginning by using cheaper means like automated bot's that can spam world leaders with the stored messages from our coin holders on the social medias like twitter, YouTube, Meta, Emails etc.


USE the token and the crypto community behind as an anti-war propaganda Worldwide

Build a strong online twitter community. List the token on a maximum number of exchanges. Try to convince some online buissneses to use our stw coin for transactions. Keep spreading the peace message and influence peaceful solutions across the globe. How? By using more expensive means than just automated bots/manual messages. The solutions are only limited by our imagination, but the first step is to create a strong and big community.


STW antiwar token vs meme coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu

What is the point of having those meme coins like Shiba inu or Doge coin everywhere on news medias and millions of people talking about them? What is their purpose? Why not be less funny and less meme but send a peace message only by using a token that promotes peace by its name? Let's get mainstream, why not? It would be nice to see the STW token trending and making headlines. Not because it's value would consequently rise, but because of the message the community would be sending. A crypto community support for the No war thesis. That is a superior cause. We can show the world that the crypto community cares about peace, we can spread the message together! Instead of military bases, we should have holders around the world, people with an anti-war mindset above geopolitical interests.

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Connect Your wallet and broadcast your message to the blockchain!

You can see other holders messages. USE the form to Send Your message against the war !

How to post my message on the blockchain ?

You need a crypto wallet like metamask first

Our STW token Antiwar Community socials